When fashion meets soccer.

Although the Super Bowl 2021 is only a few days away, we are taking this time to tread the memory trail. But instead of remembering the glory days of the popular NFL event, in our humble opinion, we’re looking back on something far more important: the best style moments that ever happened during halftime show performances.

From BeyoncéThe eye-catching black leather military jacket, the gold chain harness and the combat boots in 2016 bis Diana Ross‘Larger than life strapless dress that swallowed the stage in 1996. This fashion looks worthy of its own trophy. Back to her performance in 2017, Lady Gaga Several stunning outfit changes have been made, including iridescent soccer shoulder pads, a holographic blue iridescent bodysuit, and matching knee-high boots.

And it’s safe to say that Shania Twain’s fabulous number on the 2003 Game really broke the style line for upcoming shows. The country legend exuded glamor in a diamond-embellished bustier, an extremely cut-out leather jacket and tiny bottoms. She combined her eye-catching look with equally lavish pieces of jewelry, sexy knee-high boots and fishnet tights.