Apparently, Betty WhiteThe superpower is the most perfect remark one can imagine in any situation.

A typical example: Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was a guest on the Tonight Show on Thursday, January 15th. During his visit he talked Jimmy Fallon that he’s actually a huge fan of the 1980s classic sitcom The Golden Girls and loves to watch it once he’s settled in for the night.

“Hallmark has the best television programming from 9:00 pm to 2:30 pm and they show about eight episodes of The Golden Girls,” he said. “And if you don’t know me, I’m a Golden Girl type.”

After Jimmy praised the stars of the show for their ability to land a joke, Anthony was right with him.

“Betty White is one of the most talented women,” raved the 42-year-old Altered Carbon alum. “She had her own talk show, she was a professional dancer, she was an actress – she was amazing. These four women were amazing.”

When the host asked if Anthony had ever had the pleasure of meeting Betty, the conversation took a turn for the spectacular.