Unlike many celebrities Bethenny Frankel is not a team Meghan Markle.

Social media chatter about the pregnant Duchess of Sussex has intensified in the last few weeks leading up to a highly anticipated CBS interview airing Oprah Winfrey had with her and conducted Prince Harry a year after her royal exit. Last week, online debates about Meghan intensified after Buckingham Palace announced an HR investigation into claims the Duchess allegedly bullied royal employees in the past. On Sunday March 7th, just hours before the Oprah interview airs, Bethenny hit Meghan on Twitter.

After a fan tweeted the New York City Real Housewives alum, “Yeah, because the staff were so respectful [Meghan]”She replied,” cry me a river … the plight of being a game show host, a fairly unknown actress, suffering in a palace, tiaras and weddings with seven characters for TWO WHOLE YEARS to a well-known Name to be, w @Oprah on speed dial, 7m for interviews, pick hundreds of millions in media outlets. Thinking face #MARRY. “

CBS paid a license fee of between $ 7 million and $ 9 million to air the special, the Wall Street Journal reported. A spokeswoman for Meghan and Harry told the newspaper that they will not be compensated for the interview, and a representative from Oprah’s Harpo Productions told E! News that no payment for the interview or royalties was made to the couple or their foundation.