“NYC is full of successful and dynamic black women. I look forward to being the first black housewife to join this legendary franchise,” the lawyer and television presenter told This City I Have Never Seen On October 8th. Anyone who is aware of my work knows that I am not holding back. I’ll keep it here as real as anywhere else. “

Shaw is also passionate about her career, which goes beyond motivational speaking and business coaching to include acting and hosting her own podcast, Buckle Up with Bershan Shaw. She shared the stage with well-known speakers such as Les Brown and Tony Robbinsand a quick look at their website reveals photos of their intermingling and intermingling with big names like Hillary Clinton, Kris Jenner, Robin Roberts and Prince Charles‘Wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Additionally, Shaw beat breast cancer not just once but twice – a journey that “prepared me to live my best life,” she wrote.