It’s never easy to be the boss.

In exclusive chat with E! News, below deck Mediterranean Katie floodShe, who is the season six chief stewardess, spoke through her inside crew about Lady Michelle, including the drama fans they can expect from the new episodes. For those who might have missed it, the season six trailer brought a lot of setback from Katie’s team.

In particular, we saw the boss with one of her stewardesses named Lexi Wilson. In the footage, Katie snapped, “Right now I’m mad at you.”

But as Lexi told Katie in the trailer, she didn’t care. “I’m like I’m leaving,” she said before saying on the phone, “Hey, Mom. I’m leaving this boat.”

While Katie didn’t reveal too much about the drama, she admitted that “nothing is happening” in the yachting industry, adding, “That’s why there’s a show about it.”

As it continued, the New Zealand yacht reminded us that the job requires people to work together with “different personalities” who have never met before. In which world would that ever go smoothly? “