While his so-called friendship “was a major contributor to many of their arguments,” the first source says, Crawley’s worries were only heightened by the lifestyle differences that became increasingly noticeable after leaving La Quinta’s property.

Moss, who spent time in various NFL practice groups before focusing on modeling and hosting opportunities, “doesn’t want to give up the party life,” says the source. While Crawley prefers a quieter lifestyle after putting down her roots in Sacramento, where she can be close to her mother in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, “notes the NYC scene,” notes the source. “His party would be a problem in their relationship and cause a lot of fighting.”

Bottom line, the source continues: “She just wants to get married, settle down and have kids. They were on completely different sides.”

Yet Crawley hoped that anything seemingly stacked against her would work with the man she had called her “dream come true”. When reports surfaced that they were taking their time, Crawley assumed this was more of a break than a breakup.