Instead, she’s looking for someone to “snuggle” with on the couch and says she’s attracted to “mommy boys” and those who are “nice to their friends and even strangers”. As she put it, “This is a huge emotional push for me.”

But even if she does find the person she is looking for, Ashley does not want to remarry. A fan asked, “If you got divorced, would you remarry with children?” She replied, “Hmm great question. My vote is no. I believe the seasons change and it’s okay,” but admitted that her opinion is probably “unpopular”.

Despite her divorce, Ashley said she “wouldn’t change anything about her bachelorette experience” and was “100%” able to view her bachelorette experience and marriage as positive.

However, she said it “became more difficult for me towards the end of our relationship” to realize that the family she was planning was not working.

“I lost a large part of what I loved about myself towards the end of my marriage,” she wrote, but noted, “I feel like myself again.”

Ashley stated, “As soon as you let go of what could have been and do what is right at that point, a great burden is lifted.”

She declined to answer a question about the reason for their breakup but later teased, “We see the cup differently” when asked about the biggest difference between their personalities.