There are certain things you don’t say out loud when you’re a candidate on The Bachelorette, as Thomas probably learned the hard way.

The latest episode of the dating show, which aired Monday the 21st Katie Thurston so as not to give a rose to the previous villain Karl.

Karl eventually went home, and while Thomas was still in the running at the end of the episode, judging by Katie’s social media presence all evening, he may not have much time left.

As the show had teased in promos for the episode, the final scene featured scene Hunter urged Thomas to investigate his previous comments that led the boys to suspect he might have joined the show to become a Bachelor in a future season.

Ultimately, Hunter asked directly, “Was it a privilege for you to be a Bachelor?” This resulted in the real estate agent answering in a baffling way: “OK, I can’t be” [disingenuous] to you, and I won’t be. Yes, when I got around to that, one of the thoughts on my mind was about possibly being the next bachelor. “