Emmanuel I think, who will host the special “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” next week, shares his thoughts Matt James‘much discussed trip with Rachael Kirkconnell.

The author who fills in for Chris Harrison To direct the post-finals reunion show, The Late Show attended on Wednesday March 10th, where hosted Stephen Colbert asked if Emmanuel himself would associate more with Rachael or Michelle Young, the last two remaining participants. As fans know, Rachael was criticized for resurfacing photos of her attendance at a fraternity party.

“Rachael is currently dealing with all of this racially tense controversy,” said Emmanuel. “That would of course somehow distort my decision as a black man if I already knew about this controversy. But I think what is so interesting is to watch how both love relationships play out.”

He continued, “I think Matt and Rachael have an amazing connection, just affection. Matt admitted that he first fell in love with Rachael. And Michelle and Matt, they are really in a good mood, and we saw it and see it as the season progresses. I can’t speak for Matt. But I look forward to seeing it play. ”