The only thing left to chance were actually the vows, because Chmerkovskiy had made the risky decision to inspire it. “People said to me, ‘You will see them go down and you will know exactly what to say,'” he told Us Weekly. “What they didn’t say is, ‘You’ll see them, freeze, and forget what you meant to say.'”

Still: “It was beautiful,” insisted Murgatroyd. “He made me cry.” Then came the kiss-sealed moment, followed by the rainbow that felt like it was commissioned just for her. As Chmerkovskiy put it, “People have lost their shit!”

This is one way to get a party going. However, the couple’s 300-strong crew had been celebrating for months.

There was the first Mask Festival in February 2016, which forced the duo to rethink their original plan for a destination wedding like the one they attended last summer.