Ashley Tisdale shows her love of the body after everything she’s been through.

Almost five months after the birth of their first child, their daughter Jupiter, the high school musical alum, spoke about a condition she has overcome from pregnancy. “I just want to thank my body,” she wrote in an Instagram story post on Wednesday, August 11th. “4 months after giving birth and can’t believe the journey he’s made. I never said that, but I had diastasis” from my pregnancy. “

Diastasis recti, which is not uncommon, occurs when the large abdominal muscles separate and the stomach protrudes; it can usually be corrected with physical therapy. However, the 36-year-old actress found her own solution. “It wasn’t easy,” she admitted, “but with the right workouts, I was able to fill the gap! Thanks for my Pilates and yoga practices that brought me here!”

Despite the challenges, Tisdale seems overjoyed to become parents. “This little lady made me a mom! I knew @cmfrench and I were going to have a cute baby, but I wasn’t expecting how beautiful she would be, ”she raved in an Instagram post on Mother’s Day in May. “Being a mom doesn’t know how hard it is to become one. Mothers, you are true goddesses and single mothers are my superheroes. The last 6 weeks have been such a blessing. Jupiter, you are everything and more. “