To be a mother Ashley Tisdale knows that it is not always easy to feel good about yourself during pregnancy.

“To see my body look so different is still a little astounding to me,” says the high school musical alum, welcoming her first child with her husband, musician and composer Christopher French shared later that year in a March 19 post on her blog, Frenshe. “It’s like not fully realizing myself and almost like an out-of-body experience. Thoughts like, ‘Is that really me?’ I think it comes down to the acceptance of the body versus body love. I think you can love your body no matter what shape or shape, but it’s the acceptance part that upsets me a little. “

The Young & Hungry producer, who also posted new maternity photos on her blog, added that comments from fans on social media made the experience all the more difficult.

“I showed up pretty early in pregnancy and had people say, ‘I think you’re further than you think’, ‘Do you have twins?’ – all very invasive things, “explained the 35-year-old. “However, as with any kind of criticism, I dismissed these comments. I think change can be difficult, but I keep saying every day that I love you about my body because it does so much and it is a wonderful miracle.” “