This is the part when Ariana Grande breaks out of her normal life to celebrate her latest marriage.

The 28-year-old “Break Free” singer took to Instagram on Sunday 11th July to share photos from her honeymoon in Amsterdam with her husband Dalton Gomez after their surprise wedding in May. She added snail and waffle emojis to the post, both of which are associated with the capital of the Netherlands.

Among the pictures in her post was one of the bride and groom in an oversized pair of wooden shoes that are set up by tourists across the region for photo ops. In the picture, Dalton is wearing a jacket and mask, and Ariana – also masked – stares adoringly at him as she rocks a sweater and her signature ponytail.

The star also shared photos of a windmill and one of Amsterdam’s famous canals. In her Instagram story, she posted recordings from a jazz club on the same day as well as a video of cows grazing in a field that had apparently been shot from a moving train.