As Gwyneth described, “He said, ‘No, absolutely not. We’ll sit down and we’ll find out.’ It requires me to be honest with myself, which is difficult for me but really helps me grow. ”

Almost three years after their marriage, she said it was one of his “amazing properties”. The Oscar winner continued, “It was like you were with some kind of jujitsu master and they said, ‘No, I’m going to make you see your own stuff so you can win and move forward. ‘”

Anna seems to have found a similar trait in her new fiancĂ© as well. “I’m engaged to a man who asked for the same thing I’ve never asked before,” she explained. “I’ve never had intense eye contact before … it can be pretty hot at times.”

The actress shares a child, 8 years old Jack Prattwith her ex-husband Chris. In 2020 Chris welcomed a 7 month old daughter Lyla Maria Prattwith his second wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.