… and the actress who introduced the friend to the world Kylie Prew in 2021, will be the first candidate to have a same-sex dance partner on the show.

“When I got the email for Dancing With the Stars, I didn’t even read the whole email, just answered yes,” JoJo said on E! S Daily Pop. “And then, when I read it, they asked me, they said, ‘We want to give JoJo the chance if she wants to dance with a woman instead of a man. But if she wants to dance with a man and keep it.” is traditional, we want her to feel comfortable and have the best experience ever and immediately I thought this is so groundbreaking, history, it has never been done before and it had to be done. “

In 2010, the Israeli version of Dancing With the Stars was the first adaptation in the BBC’s own franchise that featured a same-sex couple, a pair of women. The ABC series producers had considered putting a same-sex couple on the show in the US, but the idea never came to fruition … until now.

JoJo said to E! that her friend joked that she shouldn’t get too close to the professional dancer she was paired with and that she gave a clue about the identity of her ballroom partner. “Before I went to the first rehearsal, Ky said to me: ‘Tell her, tell’ Jenna she must leave room for Jesus. ‘”