Harry Styles received the 90s seal of approval for its 2021 Grammys fit.

On Monday March 15th Alicia Silverstone went to Instagram to commend the Grammy winner for his clueless look.

The actress, who played fashion-conscious high school girl Cher, posted a three-part snapshot: one of her characters in the classic yellow plaid suit jacket, the second with her in a pink boa and baby blue dress, and Harry’s combo ensemble of a similar plaid jacket and boa.

In the caption, Alicia wrote, “I love the clueless vibes @harrystyles! Cher would be so honored (and totally agreed !!) for this chic look. Congratulations on winning the #GRAMMYs last night !!! # watermelon sugar.”

For those who missed it, the singer won Best Pop Solo Performance for his hit “Watermelon Sugar”. Were also nominated in the category Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Doja Cat.