Alicia Silverstone has finally joined TikTok and we are totally annoying – in a good way!

The 44-year-old actress may have been late to join the platform, but she’s here now and brought someone special to make her first video truly iconic. The actress enlisted the help of her 10-year-old son Bear Blu Jarecki recreate a classic moment from Clueless, the 1995 film that made her famous.

In the original scene, her character Cher Horowitz wears her now brand-typical yellow plaid blazer and matching kilt mini skirt while she walks on her high school campus and examines the male population. Then she is ambushed by a random, disgusting male student, causing her to push him away and scream, “Ew! Get away from me! Ugh! As if!”

In the actress’ TikTok, Alicia wears Cher’s blazer, but unlike the iconic teen comedy, she and her son end their interaction with a sweet hug.

She has given the post a title: “Ugh! As if … I wouldn’t take part in TikTok. #Aklulos #AsIf.”

The video, which was also posted on her Instagram page, is said to be No doubt1995’s breakout single “Just a Girl”, one of the most popular songs of the era, despite being released two months after Clueless hit theaters.