You will be totally insane Alicia Silverstone‘s newest unsuspecting reenactment!

Over the past few months, the 44-year-old has been repeating her iconic role of Cher, recreating scenes from the 1995 cult teen film in TikTok videos. In her latest clip, released on Friday August 13th, Alicia enlisted the help of her good friend the fashion designer Christian Siriano, 35 to play her character’s crush, Christian, in a hilarious scene of failed bedroom seduction.

“I finally got Christian in bed …” wrote the actress. “Happy # FridayThe13th #Clueless @christiansiriano”

As in the movie, this Christian leads Alicia to a fall during her awkward contemplation of Spartacus. But the TikTok video of the stars ends very differently!

In June and July, Alicia shared TikTok videos re-enacting two more unsuspecting scenes with her son Bear Blu Jarecki10. In their first, their first ever TikTok, the actress and boy reenacted the role in which Cher wears her now-typical yellow plaid blazer and matching kilt mini-skirt and a disgusting male student on her high school campus fends off. pronounce one of her iconic lines. In her second, Alicia played Cher while her son portrayed the strict father of her character.