Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck “Very Happy” to Reunite in LA

Alex Rodriguez spreads positivity after breaking up with ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez.

According to the Australian TV presenter Belinda Russell, who works for Today Extra and is also popular at TikTok, the baseball star slipped into her Instagram DMs to complement her recent content. She shared the sweet alleged DM with her co-host Richard Wilkins while the show was being taped on Friday May 21st.

“I woke up this morning and checked out social media. Included in my inquiries was a message from Alex Rodriguez. As with A-Rod. Like in J.Los Ex, “she explained.

Sure enough, according to a screengrab, A. Rod had “Great feed !!!!!” in response to a video of Belinda dancing in the Channel 9 studios.

“All I can say is … he likes great content, Dickie,” she joked. “He just said great feed!”

Belinda who shares three children with her husband Mark Calvert, also noted that this wasn’t exactly a flirty encounter. “He just likes my videos,” she explained. “I am very happily married.”