On December 27th, Hilaria took up the controversy over her legacy and said in an Instagram video, “When I’ve spoken a lot of Spanish, I tend to mix them up, and when I speak more English … then I mix that . ” She added, “I will not apologize for the time I spent in two countries and I will not apologize for speaking two languages ​​and I will not apologize for having two versions of my name.”

Three days later, the yoga teacher spoke to the New York Times about the criticism, saying people “misrepresented me” when she felt they had shared their life story “over and over again.”

Alec has also defended his wife in recent days after the couple welcomed their sixth child, daughter Luciawith the help of a substitute. Commenting on Hilaria’s March 1st Instagram announcement, one person wrote, “Who’s the mom? She wasn’t pregnant. She gave birth six months ago.” To which Alec replied, “You should shut up and mind your own business.”

Hilaria and Alec are also mom and dad Carmen7; Rafael5; Leonardo4; Romeo2; and Eduardo, almost 6 months.