When we ask you for a name Abigail Breslin Movie, you will likely say Little Miss Sunshine even though it was released 15 years ago.

The actress was just 10 years old when her big break hit theaters and earned her an Oscar nomination. She is perhaps still best known for her role as the shy hopeful Olive Hoover, whose strange family takes a road trip from New Mexico to California for the Little Miss Sunshine contest.

Now, 25, Abigail pondered the good – and the bad – that came with starring in Little Miss Sunshine at such a young age.

“Sometimes people forget I’m 25 instead of nine,” Abigail told iNews last week.

She admitted that this was partly based on her physique (“I’m really short” at 1.70 meters, she said, “and I look very short.”) But it is also based on other people’s assumptions about her age, thanks to a character she played in 2006.

She said her agents are often told by casting directors that she is “a little young” for a particular role. Abigail explained, “People tend to pigeonhole you.”