Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid to eat your favorite junk food? Just recently, PepsiCo launched the PepsiCo Rewards program, which rewards you for your snacks.

PepCoin, a rewards program, formally launched on Thursday. An instructional video released by Frito-Lay North America explains the program’s features.

So how does it work?

You will need to register an email address with PepCoin.com in order to be a part of the program. A PayPal or Venmo account is also required.

By purchasing a PepsiCo and Frito-Lay product with the PepCoin logo on it, snack fans can begin the redemption process. Across the top of the bottle or snack bag is a white striped logo with the word PepCoin. PepCoin was designed as a cent symbol.

Consumers must go to PepCoin.com by either mobile or desktop to scan the code on the bag or cap of a drink. The 10-digit code is also available. The purchases must be uploaded to PepCoin.com within 48 hours from the purchase.

Only three drinks and three snacks can be scanned per day, and they must all be paired.

Consumers can earn back as much as 10 percent on drinks and chips according to PepCoin. In order to get cash back in the program, consumers must purchase a drink and a snack. You can scan just a drink or snack for the first time if it is your first visit.

As soon as your balance reaches $2, the money is automatically transferred to your PayPal and Venmo accounts.

A statement on the website states that if you haven’t scanned a drink and snack for at least 120 days, the program will take out $0.25 a month after that.

The drinks with the special PepCoin logo are Aquafina, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Mug Rootbeer, Sierra Mist and Lipton tea. As for the snacks, you can find the logo on Sun Chips, Munchies, Ruffles, Lays, Funyuns, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Chester’s Fries and Lay’s.

www.pepcoin.com – Login and Earn Cash Back