Never underestimate the power of a four-legged friend.

When many Americans were working from home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and canceling all vacation plans, a trend emerged: More and more people wanted to add a pet to their families.

According to NBC News, animal shelters and animal rights groups with facilities across the country have been “overwhelmed” with the support of the community moving animals from animal shelters to loving homes.

Now that the World Health Organization is celebrating a year since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, many of these pet owners are quick to share stories about how their cats, dogs, and even horses have made a positive difference to their lives.

“Adopting a dog in a year of unexpected change was one of the best decisions my family and I have ever made,” said the Ohio resident Kelson Henwood said E! News. “Our family has always adopted pets, but this felt very special to me.”